WHAT IF HE HAD LIVED?  by Janice M. Wilson


Greater love hath no man than this – that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

John 15:13

Today commemorates the dreams and hopes of a man who stood for justice for all people of all kinds.  He knew he couldn’t do what he did without God’s help, and frequently quoted from Scriptures, talked much about how only light can drive out darkness and violence was NOT the answer to our struggles.

Looking at the violence on television reminds me of our far we have come, how much further we could have gone, and how much we have been set back in darkness and hate.

Unfortunately his life was cut short by some who loved darkness. Where would we be if Martin Luther King had continued to live?  Many people need to ask themselves that and be honest.  It would NOT be one race over another one, for sure.

Way before all that happened, a humble carpenter went through a lot of the same thing – for all mankind.  He was born of God’s Will and God in the Flesh, a man without sin.   And yet – in our sin and dark heart, we still hated that Light he gave too, and put the man to death.

Thankfully it didn’t end there. He Lives.  That was God’s plan.  A man of God took our sins upon himself so we can live eternally.

But what if Jesus had lived and not died and rose again for us? Where would the world be?

There’d be no Messiah.   We might still be awaiting one if we believed there ever was a Messiah to believe in and wait for.  Most would have probably given up believing in one by now.

No complete redemptive sacrifice.  We may be all still worshipping dead/useless idols and slaughtering animals for sacrifices for our sins, IF we even acknowledged we had sin and the need to purify ourselves with the laws.

No hope of Heaven and rest.  There’d be no assurance of going ‘Home’ after death.  No victory over death or pain or sin.  Jesus would only be a ‘figure’ in human history, and no doubt already forgotten.  God faced sin/death for us thru Jesus on the Cross so that we wouldn’t have to.   We all die naturally, but there’s an eternity to face, and with Christ we can be assured of being with the Father in Paradise. Without Him, we can’t.

 No truth.  If Jesus had been proven a fraudulent zealot leader of a small group of folks, there would never had been a canon necessary, nor would it have outlived the ages or the ongoing attempts to rid the earth of God’s Word.   Surely, most would be already depraved and then dead if no written code of law and hope was recorded.  I don’t think humanity would have survived this long if we all lived by our own imperfect willful hearts.

 No fulfillment of prophesies/God’s promises.  No proof that God does exist and cares if we didn’t have Jesus fulfill all the prophesies coming into Light these days.  The global economy, wars, natural calamities and mens’ hate to each other are prime examples.

No inspiration for something better.  This world is a mess, and folks are hopeless and panicking.  Those who await the Heavenly Kingdom know that all this chaos is temporary and we have a Home to look forward to.  Imagine if we didn’t…….but our imperfections cannot enter a  perfect place.  Jesus covered that in the ransom of his life for our less than perfect souls.

No supernatural strength, wisdom, or guidance.  We’d have no hope of access to the Living and Holy God without Jesus.  Thru the Holy Spirit we are given these and more, including protection.  Jesus gave those to us when he ascended to Heaven, so that we were never alone without Him.

No example of perfect sinlessness/selflessness.  His Selfless life was divinity and holiness in the flesh, and proof that a holy life can be lived.  His resurrection was an example of hope for those who await their turn to go to the Father.

These are just a few to contemplate as we continue to watch the hate, the riots, the threats, the cursing and deliberate harm to others over our own prideful wants and ideas over the next few days.

Would Martin Luther King encourage this?  No.   He condemned violent protest.

Would Christ encourage this?  No.  We wouldn’t be rioting or killing – we would be too busy with our knees and our heads on the ground, bowing to a Holy God and begging for His forgiveness.

Let’s do that NOW before it’s too late.  It will be soon.

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. (Romans 14:11)