No worries – I’m hard at work at Soothing Prose, writing you some more edifying (I hope) reads.

old pic of me at lake writing

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Mission Statement

Do you have one written?  Are you still doing the work God has set you on this earth to do?  It’s an oath to yourself, God and a life principle that you know your talents, your mission, your life-s purpose and to make that your main focus in life (after Christ, of course!)

This includes the mission field, parenting, self-improvement through education, taking a spiritual sabbatical, setting up camp in a new area and being a witness, a caretaker.  Everyone has a gift. Lets identify it and put your skill out there for others to know.

Looking up

Ever notice how every major religion in the world has a ‘Mecca’ that they point to and maybe have a pilgrimage to in their lifetime.

But that’s on earth.

Where is our God and where do we look to? Heaven is not of this earth.  I’ll show many examples from the bible that we are not to put our hopes on any earthly kingdom, but instead of looking east/west or in our own hearts, let us look UP for our redemption.

Trails at Wharton State Forest, Feb. 2015

Trails at Wharton State Forest, Feb. 2015

Sailing through Change

No one likes change but it is part of our existence.  Even the earth doesn’t stay the same.  Weather, seasons, wars, everything can change so fast.  People change too, and our feelings for them. Just like in life.  I can handle change because of all the times I had to move.

But the one constant I can count on is Christ.  He never changes. Which is a good thing – the one thing in life that never will change!

Atsion Lake in late autumn 2014.

Atsion Lake in late autumn 2014.

2 responses to “MY PEN IS EMPTY

  1. I think that your blogs are absolutely inspirational. God’s purpose in my life is a driving force and he has asked me to comfort others as I have been comforted. The Holy Spitit is now revealing how to go about it and I am about to set up an interactive blog so that people can respond. Could I ask you how you decided to create yours. I am trying to build a presence on the Internet and I have been looking for how to go about it so that I can glorify him. May the Lord bless you. Margaret.

    • Thank you very much! The first thing I suggest you do is find a good editor to look over your pieces. Pray as you write. And keep the blogs as short as you possibly can, even if it means writing them in parts. Also, use as much social media as you can and get your name out there! Go to Vista print and have business cards made up, put up profiles about you and your writing (Facebook,, Pinterest, Google, Yahoogroups, Linkedin, etc). Join everything you can with a profile and always supply links to it.

      My inspiration comes from the Lord, for encouraging a close walk with the Lord and faith, making better choices. This is what I have been doing.

      I appreciate the compliments and I look forward to getting your link to see your own wonderful works that He inspires through you. God bless and keep writing!


      Ps. Join a writers’ group. Here is a link to a blog just for writers learning the craft, of which I am a contributor (3 articles so far):

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