(This is a perfect example of why I wrote Less is More – Part 2 and the dangers of supporting the trash we take into our hearts and homes.)

The world has gone ‘Grey’.  Mega-millions will be spent on a 2 ½ hour movie on the most romantic celebrated day of the year- with a snow storm coming for much of the northern states.

What does that add up to?  Not just the billions of $$ expected to the movie making machines.  There will also be a mega-baby boom in the fall.

That’s the plus side of the effects of a romantic weekend during a snow storm.

The downfall is also going to be the number of curious young and old adults who will go check out this soft-porn movie now making a headway into the cinema norms that were already actively stretching the limits as each year passes, with the critiques raving about the new boundaries crossed.

That’s just the minor part.  How about all those boundaries of comfortable consent that will be EXPECTED to stretch and the rules of romance (TRUE romance and intimacy) changed – maybe forever.  Many mature sexually active adults (married or not) will feel like the S&M scenes that were described in those 3 books and now projected on the big screen are the new sexual ‘norm’.

Many have already bought into it all.

I haven’t read the books – have no desire to – but I’m hearing a lot of folks talking about how it devalues females and their self worth, portraying them as mere sex objects.

“Well, that’s nothing new,” is my argument.   Magazine media and Hollywood already do that on a daily basis.  Also, it’s not doing men any worthy favors of role models.  Nor setting a good example of self-control to ANY ONE.  There are no boundaries for decency, mutual respect, self-respect, or a lasting relationship beyond KINK and it’ll be worse after this movie.

Don’t believe me?  Go on Craigslist and look up all the new ’50 shades’ related personal ads.  Second thought – don’t.   This has gone way beyond a real love story with some great LOVING sex scenes – this is a ‘Pain is pleasurable and acceptable’ abusive-accepting mind and heart set.

Also, we hear daily on the noise box about women being herded and sold by crazy extremists in other countries.  There are also women in other countries (and ours) kidnapped, drugged and forced into sexual slavery rings; young girls given to much older men in marriage against their will; gang rapes all over the place-often with violent deaths; women that are jailed, beaten and sometimes executed for simply driving a car or not wearing a full black tent; women are burned with acid for going to school; etc.  

We shake our heads at the shame and pain of it all, wondering who could do something to stop the tide of violence.  But later that year many buy tickets and go see this newly accepted soft porn S&M as entertainment.  

It doesn’t matter if the ‘Anastasia’ character consented in the book or film for the kinky behavior, this is feeding into  the hearts of people around the world that this kind of ‘submission’ is acceptable and expected!  THIS is very dangerous!

Then there is the issue of the sad, sick number of abortions that may take place because of the um……….urges……….provoked from this movie with irresponsible people.  I think that is the worst part of the whole dilemma this weekend.

The black and white areas that are constantly being blended together, the absolutes and truths from the black print in the Word deliberately being smudged out to make a certain array of ‘grey’ areas alright.   They don’t want the movie to be portrayed as wrong because it is labeled as a ‘romance’.  Hollywood will balk at those who try to point out it is simply porn that is being made acceptable.

In the book industry this 50 Shades of Grey series has even changed the genre of erotica forever.  There’s a new standard in the publishing industry called ‘latex’.  Whether you read that kind or not, it’s not a good thing.    Despite what I heard is poor writing and weak editing, no one seems to be talking about anything but the sex.

Even hotel are in the act – making changes to include replacement of the Gideon Bibles with this book so those on travel and away from their spouses can get all worked up and maybe be provoked to some otherwise suppressed actions with consequences.

 Yes, I know sex sells.  That’s the ticket they are ALL playing on.

But there is hope.  We can be that white area, that light in the darkness that the Lord calls us to be.   We can hit them hard in the wallets where they will feel it best because they (movie makers and ticket buyers) sure have shut their ears.

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is    admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—                               think about such things.   Philippians 4:8

 It’s your money but it’s our heritage and the legacy to our children that’s unfolding before us.  That’s 2 ½ hours of your time to watch this movie and it will probably never leave your head and heart.  It’s your choice.

Most importantly and not to be forgotten – it’s our mission to be Ambassadors FOR Christ.

Volunteer with a church or make it your mission during that release day to share the gospel instead!  Give that $13 ticket price to a homeless or lost soul for a lunchtime discussion about instead.  There are so many other things to fill our mind and time.

Let’s make a difference.  Less garbage in, more holiness within.

(check out Less is More – Part 1 and 2 while you’re visiting us on here)

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