Charles P. Wilson, my Dad, about 18 years old.
Charles P. Wilson, my Dad, about 18 years old.

My earliest memories were when I was in the hospital, and many of them were actually pleasant memories. I can easily recall my dad (and mom too) visiting me every day, always with a big smile on his face and plenty of hugs and kisses to give, and gifts. He always told me to keep smiling, no matter what happens. Then, when that part of my life was over with, I was lovingly encouraged to walk and live a normal, happy childhood.

As I grew up, my dad and I were always close, and we went everywhere together. He’d take me to pony-rides, lakes, the beach, and many other places. And when I was sick he took me to the five-and-dime for a toy just to cheer me up when I was stuck home. Everywhere I lived there was always a swing in the back yard, a bike, and a puppy. As a teen, he’d get me out of school just to take me to lunch in Cape May, and he trusted me enough to drive his super-truck. We always had the same interests and tastes too. I was very much a daddy’s-little-girl all my life.

He was always very loving, giving hugs and kisses whenever asked for, and not just to me but to any of my cousins and aunts as well. They all have their own special story to tell about Chuckie, and how generous and kind he was to all.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he purposely held on long enough to see his baby granddaughter, Dink. Little Dink had an immediate bond with him, and gave him all the kisses and hugs – and french fries – he wanted, and was often the only one who could make him smile sometimes in the midst of his pain.

(insert baby pic)

The other most important and precious memories I have to keep in my heart are my dad’s little life lessons. Dad always had a smile on his face and said it was important to always be joyful and to Love the Lord, regardless of life circumstances, and to never think a mean thought about anyone else, ever.

My dad left this life with a peaceful heart, and anticipated seeing the Lord Jesus. Nothing in anyone’s life is more precious than peace with the Loving Father in the heart, and the smile that God’s love puts in the eyes and upon the lips for all to see. My dad’s life reflected the Lord’s kindness, generosity, and unconditional love. I am very proud he was my dad, and his legacy will live on forever in all of us that had the privilege of knowing him.

My dad and I, when I was about 16.
My dad and I, when I was about 16.

That is his legacy!   What is yours?

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