“…to make each day count!”

Many of you may recognize this famous line in the movie Titanic, when Jack is put on the spot about his outlook on life in front of a bunch of rich people who knew nothing of struggles or sufferings. Despite their obvious disapproval of his carefree and penniless existence, he put his beliefs on the table anyway.

No, he wasn’t talking about God or faith, I realize that, but he did have a very practical spin about making an effort to enjoy each day that he gets to live. Jack also didn’t know he would be dead to save the woman he loved within a couple days after saying that.  That certainly qualifies making that day count, until the very end!

I love this phrase!   It’s pretty obvious why.  He didn’t need money to be happy (though it helps with practical things). More importantly, he knew that life was fragile and special, including his own.


The rich fiance said that everything is ‘luck’ in surmising his own fate. In doing so, he selfishly let his protector and others jumping on the dinghy to die. Someone like that in real life would have to live with a coward’s reputation all his life while trying to protect his wealth.

Well, it was me who needed a lifeguard these last few years, and thankfully for me, mine walked on water.  A person like Cal would have let me drown.

Talking about a pivotal day, in real life and within a one day period, I had let fly my ‘little bird’ – my daughter – into the wide-open world to start her own life at college, then I started a new job the next morning (after a period of unemployment).

That was God’s awesome timing – NOT luck!   He knew I would need a job to take care of my practical needs, but He also knew I needed something to throw my energy into as I adjusted to the suddenly quiet household.

I had to catch up on some lagging finances, pry myself off the ground from a heavy heart and discouraged spirit, get used to not being ‘always right there’ Mom, and move forward.  This was not something I could have done without faith.

I also know after the initial adjustment period and catching up on things this new phase in life WILL be exciting, focused, and with God’s constant guidance concerning only me now. It’s not in a ‘Mom’ role as He had provided for us and guided me for years.   This time it’s as ‘Janice’, a daughter of the King.  I never would have made it through that previous period without faith, and I wonder what is next!

Whatever He has in store for me, I know if I’m walking with Him, I can’t go wrong in His plans (see my next post, “Power Walking”, in a couple weeks).

There’s His Will, and then there’s mine……


They met, fell in love, planned life together, and were ready to die together.  Romantic, but it is just a movie.

But their youthful zeal was real and we can all identify with it.  Time doesn’t change that, and it’s a bucket list as any other. Rose was ready to denounce the wealth and get off the ship with Jack to live a fully exciting life.  Both her and Jack had their youthful plans to live life to the fullest as their friendship grew.  That included riding on a horse on the beach, ‘flying’ on an airplane, and having lots of babies.  Only one of them did get to do all that.

Not only does a ‘bucket list’  remind me of the beach and the sand castles I used to build with my daughter through the years (I carried a lot of items to the beach regularly!), but the term itself also reminds me of all the adventures that I hope to experience before passing on. It’s all good stuff!  I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t have a few things on that ‘wish’ list?

The only two sure things in life are death and taxes.  But this post isn’t about death or the dreaded IRS.  It’s about making the most out of living, I promise!  Stay with me here…..

The best thing to overview any goals or lessons learned in life is to list them.  Draw out a blank sheet of paper and make three columns, marking one as ‘regrets’, the other two for ‘reconcile’, and ‘revisit wishes’.   Make an honest list of all 3 in your life, including those from years ago.  What would you do completely different if you knew you could have another chance and live past a presumptuous expiration date, or given  a do-over?

As far as ‘well, that person may never forgive me’ issues, you’re right. They may not, but at least you can try and KNOW, and check that off the list.  You tried, and deserve the peace knowing that.  Forgive yourself and move on to the next item….

Same with the other two columns, mark it off as you go.  Even if it takes YEARS, keep that list accessible and read it often.

I believe in lists.   My top concern right now is being led to a regular prayer partner for accountability and encouragement.   Someday I am hope to see my daughter rank high in the AF, I’m determined to see my book on the NYT Best Sellers List.  I want to lead many to Christ and His free saving grace; Alaska still calls me for a long visit; and I hope to snorkel in the warm waters of Tahiti.

That’s all good stuff.  Get going on your own list!



Rose watches her best friend and first love sink under the sea, lifeless and frozen in the water to willingly save her life on the floating wood door.  She promises to do all the cool things they had talked about doing.    And later you find out she really did do all that, even sacrificing a relationship with a rich man, and walking away from a cold greedy mother to become a person she had always wanted to be instead of like them, or entrapped in their selfish lifestyle.

If you found out you are definitely dying would you be nicer, more loving, or try new things?

Suppose today IS the last sunrise you get to see either from a car wreck or a terminal disease, would your last few minutes be filled with regrets on lost opportunities, attempts to reconcile with old foes or loved ones?  Maybe your ship is sinking under your feet or you’re already in the deep water (symbolically speaking).

To take this to a higher level, let me ask you this – if you knew for sure Jesus is coming back in one month, what would you do about it?  Would you suddenly become a disciplined follower just in case of the unknown awaiting you?  Would you be praying on your knees and begging for mercy and for one more day to get it right?  Don’t wait for the cold, dark grave of the sea or a sickly pine box to make that choice.

You have that chance right now, today, maybe tomorrow.  Maybe.  How do you know?  You don’t.

Today is your chance to start being that nicer, loving, helpful or adventurous person.  Don’t wait for a disease or car wreck to help you realize that, be the person whom you admire, an excellent example of good things that make you feel good, loved, and grateful.  Help someone like you’ve been helped.   Tell them what changed you. Rise above the debauchery, the things that kept you bound, the addictions and shifting winds in the world.

Today, right now, you also have that one only chance to know God, and to know Him well.  He promised He’s there, and this life is just practice.  Make it count.

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