I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?  Luke 18:8

There’s an awful mess going on out there.  We all noticed the increase of atrocities around the world in this last year alone.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to surmise that there is something extremely dark and oppressive against mankind going on here.

  • Politics are dirty and discouraging;

  • Everyone else is broke from the dirty politians’ reform plans (ie. healthcare);

  • People are attacking people, yes, but there’s something behind it all driving the murderers into the most hideous heartless crimes against humanity comparable to past war crimes or horror movies.  These mass killers think nothing of taking their rage out on innocent victims they didn’t even know- or they do know well, and then taking their own lives after the crime to avoid prison. Life is not regarded as sacred anymore;

  • The love of many has indeed gone cold. Even kids kill other kids like it’s nothing more than a movie script. And that is if their mothers’ haven’t killed them before birth. (Matthew 24:12);

  • There are plenty of wild men  who think nothing of killing children in front of saddened parents in the name of a vengeful and oppressive god they worship. (Genesis 16:12);

  • The love of money rules the world.  You see that in the work place, behind the money market scams, the yo-yo stock market, the corporations’ treatment of their workers, the giant fancy mega churches, the food prices, and the FDA accepts big bribes to pass poisons for food (GMOs, Aspartame, HFCS), etc. (1Timothy 6:10);

  • Most youth don’t know basic manners, face-to-face communicating skills, or even how to read a manual clock. Many exhibit traits of narcissism and use hyper-boredom as an excuse for addictions to their desensitizing violent entertainment. (2 Timothy 3:2-5, Romans 1:28-32) This young generation has sadly missed out on more innocent times and know nothing else;

  • and for the environmentally sensitive, just about every single volcano is hot and ready to blow; lakes are drying up while other places flood; many global earthquakes are now over 6.0 (Luke 21:11); massive fires eat the forests; massive amounts of fish, animals and birds are mysteriously dying off (Revelations 8:8-11); etc.

It is a chilling reminder of the prophesied words of Jesus about dark times. It’s here. While that’s all brewing like a hot pot ready to boil. We want to fix things, but the more we attempt the obvious, the more dirty work we uncover. Then many wonder why?  What can we do?  Who will help us?  WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS?


Meanwhile, there are the folks out there actively criminalizing any mention of God, any belief or obedience to the Commandments, or silencing the followers of any god (especially THE God) out of our society, claiming that there is no scientific evidence of any kind of ‘god’.  They even go as far as trying to convince the world that those who do believe in one are mentally ill, irrational, zealots, terrorists and just plain stupid.

While we are busy with all that fun, then the spirits in the world is very busy working in several ways:

  • to attack those who believe in a god with persecution, heavy tribulation and/or death;

  • to distract those who do believe but bear no active fruit into a comfortable ‘sleep’;

  • to ‘entertain’ the masses so that they are having so much fun that they don’t care what God has to really say about selfless mercy (the preacher does a watered-down version for them to listen to);

  • to keep convincing society that a god is not needed and we can figure it all out by ourselves through the ‘religion’ (ironically, that they despise) of humanism (yes, it goes by other names as well).  God can ‘kindly step aside – you’re outdated’.

  • to keep convincing society there are no absolutes; (Isaiah 5:20)

  • and we are all ‘god’ from within. (then why so much crime against each other?).


God exists.  Scientists cannot seem to accept that there is a whole other spiritual realm in which we live in and don’t see the battle around us (good and evil).  It doesn’t matter if we can ‘prove’ it with our most intrinsic human-made machines (that run on electricity, by the way.  What if the machines get unplugged?  Can it still be wise enough to work without energy? No.  Didn’t think so.)

If there are no gods or The God, then why do a HUGE majority of the 7.3 billion people on this earth believe in some kind of deity?

Answer:  It’s been put in us by a spiritual being.  Measure that, science machines!

Do you blame God? That’s easy to do.  We yell, ‘Where is He in all this mess?’  Or ‘If He exists then why do we have all this horror going on?’

Answer: because we asked him to. God gave us free will, and He did step aside after being pushed off, forgotten, forsaken, cursed at and hated.  (Personally, I find it ironic and a little humorous that atheists generally spend a lot of time trying to disqualify and curse at ‘something’ that they insists doesn’t even exist. That’s a lot of energy gone.)

And here we are – the proof of our ‘wisdom’ is in our homes and in news – the daily atrocities  growing steadily worse despite our best efforts in every area of life on the planet. Where are the great works and ideas of the ‘experts’?  Why are we steadily waxing worse?

Congratulations, world!  Now what do you recommend we do? (The answer is simple; if you want to know-just ask.)


Yes, there’s a whole big mess out there.   But HE is our Peace (Ephesians 2:14), and He sees and knows everything.  It doesn’t matter if you believe that or not – it doesn’t change the FACT that He does!  Others have tried to discredit Him, and yet, He remains, His prophesies continue to become true, and STILL no one seems to be able to smite the Bible from the earth.  Good luck with that!

This horror we see is the consequences of our sins.  If and when He does, He’ll do it HIS way, and it will be immediate, permanent and indestructible.  Most of all, it will be non-negotiable!  His way or the highway for us!

Let’s be honest here – ask yourself:

  • Do you really want Him to fix it, or

  • clean up our messes, then we can keep making more as ‘Mr. Clean’ will keep wiping away our faults and greed, blood lust?  Would we learn from our mistakes for a better world the next time around?  Not if our strong wills have a part in it.

So go fix it, if you’re so wise and not needing God, Mr. Scientist. In spite of our best efforts, we don’t have that power to overcome if we can’t even admit our short-comings.

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight; everything is uncovered and exposed before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Therefore, since we have such a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we profess.…(Hebrews 4:12-14)