Meadow walk in Longwood Gardens

Meadow walk in Longwood Gardens



By Janice M. Wilson/1991


As a breeze blows over the field

All flowers blow down in a wave

One after another

A gentle caress over their petals

Tickling their leaves.

Gladly they offer their gifts

All varying scents

Up to their Creator

Our Lord.

A feeling of home I welcome

Inside Heaven’s door

As I lie down among them

To rest and reflect

Enjoying the sweet scents heavy in the air

The quietness fills my ears

And coaxes me to sleep.

I whisper a prayer of thanks

And think of my home in Paradise

Having all these beautiful things

My treasure awaiting me.

Serenity, warmth and refreshed hope

All fill my heart

Knowing a place like this

For an eternity of days

Is where I’ll be.

Simple summertime beauty

Simple summertime beauty

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